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Please read and accept the following rules and privacy policy before registering in the ORSEE system

Dear participants, please be advised that this account creation form and the following pre-screening survey are used for you to request and create a participant account on ORSEE to participate in the research studies at the Willis Experimental Economics Lab in the Department of Resource Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. You will not be able to sign up for the studies in the lab if you do not have a participant account.

Please note that by completing both this and the following prescreen surveys you are consenting only to having your personal information stored in the ORSEE repository for the purpose of creating an account on the ORSEE website and not consenting to any specific research study.

Filling out this form and the subsequent pre-screening survey will normally take less than 10 minutes, and all of your personal information entered will be kept fully confidential and be accessible to the authorized administrators only. Your personal information will under no circumstances be given out to third parties and will be kept safely in the ORSEE repository until account deletion.

Please be advised that while you may not directly benefit by signing up to participate in studies your participation will greatly benefit the researchers at UMass and the scientific community. It is important that you understand your participation is voluntary. That is, you are free to withdraw at any time without penalty or loss of benefits. If you have questions or concerns about your rights or welfare as a research subject, please contact The Human Subjects Internal Review Board at the University of Massachusetts at 413-545-3428 or email

By registering on this site you accept to receive invitations to participate in research studies at the Willis Experimental Economics Lab located in Stockbridge Hall room 306. The purpose of these studies is to help social scientists better understand how people make decisions.

Only persons with addresses will be able to register.

All of the experiments you will be participating in have been approved by The Human Subjects Internal Review Board at the University of Massachusetts. This organization is in charge of making sure that the experiments comply with all federal regulations, and in particular that each participant has expressed his or her informed consent, and that the experiment does no harm.

You will be notified by email of forthcoming experimental sessions, and you may then sign up to participate in specific experiments using our web calendar. The calendar indicates the date, starting time and approximate ending time of available sessions. If you sign up for an experiment, you commit to arriving at the Laboratory 5 minutes before the starting time of the session. Because most experiments require the contemporaneous presence of all subjects, on time arrival is essential.

If you take part in an experiment, you will be paid for your participation in cash. By arriving on time, you automatically qualify for receiving a show-up payment of $5. Experimenters are encouraged to choose experimental parameters leading to an average payment of $15 per hour. You will earn different amounts depending on your choices, the choices of others, and chance. The rules and the payments may vary across sessions and may differ between participants. Payment will take place in private at the end of the sessions, and you are under no obligation to reveal to anyone how much you earned.

At the start of an experimental session, you will receive detailed instructions by the experimenter. All studies run with subjects recruited through this website have a strict non-deception policy. All the information communicated to you in the course of the experiment will be strictly truthful.

Interactions typically take place over a computer network, and your identity is not revealed to other participants. Information that could identify you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required by law.

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can remove your name from this list at any time, and if you choose to participate in an experiment, you are free to leave the laboratory at any time without any penalty. Your decision on whether or not to participate will not affect your relationship with the University of Massachusetts or any other organization. Every email inquiring about your will to participate in an experiment will feature a link to delete your data from our system. You can also send an email to John Spraggon (, the system manager, and he will remove your data immediately. If you do not use one of those 2 methods, your data will be kept indefinitely.

If, after arriving on time for an experimental session, we cannot have you participate in the experiment for any reason, you are entitled to the show up payment and are under no further obligation to us. If you sign-up for an experiment but then are unable or unwilling to come to the laboratory, please respond to your invitation e-mail and ask to be signed off as soon as possible, stating your reasons in reasonable detail. There is no penalty for canceling your participation in an experiment, but repeated failures to show-up without notification will lead to your name being taken off this list.

If you have any questions about our team, the research we conduct, or if you wish to remove your name from our list and stop receiving notifications, contact the Site Manager,John Spraggon at 413-545-6651, or by email ( You can also delete your data directly on the website. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject, you can contact The Human Subjects Insternal Review Board by phone at 413-545-3429 or by email at

If you are interested in participating in future experiments, please provide your information by clicking on the Register button on the left and filling the form that will appear. This information is securely stored in a computer database and used only by our staff to organize and administer experiments.

If you have further questions, you can contact us through the email mentioned at the bottom of the page. You can also check the Frequently Asked Questions through the button in the left menu.

By pressing Accept when registering, you are indicating that you have read and agreed with the policy described here. Once you have registered, you will be contacted by us by email when experimental sessions are scheduled. You are welcome to print a copy of this page for your records.

For questions please contact